Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of FCA,

One of the top reasons for the existence of Christ-like schools is to provide an education that is effective in the spiritual development of its students. Understandably, spiritual formation is a deliberate and intentional plan advanced by each believer to stimulate continuous growth throughout one’s lifetime.

Christian Education, the philosophy at Fairhaven Christian Academy, focuses on bringing the home, church, and school into a partnership for the purpose of training the next generation. I believe education is defined as the life-long, Bible-based, Christ-centered process of leading a child into a new identity with Christ, developing a child according to his/her specific abilities given to him by Christ, so that a child will be empowered to live a life characterized by love, trust, and obedience to Christ.

This spiritual development plan should include a rigorous academic program. Thankfully, God has provided in Scripture an example of the product that all Christian schools should endeavor to produce. Daniel, of the Old Testament, was unequivocally superior in his professional and academic training and background and infiltrated the marketplace of secular mainstream society successfully. He did this without compromising his fundamental convictions of serving a holy God. All this to say, advancing a deliberate plan of spiritual development also requires a specific plan for cultivating intelligent believers who can articulate their worldview in a marketplace full of opposing ideas and ideology.

It is most exciting to be a part of a vision and committed plan that has an eye on the next generation…

If your vision is for a year only, plant wheat.
If your vision is for ten years, plant trees.
If your vision is for a lifetime, plant people.

We are in the ministry of planting people. What an honor it would be to partner with you as we “plant” the heart and mind of your child.

Brian Rinehart
Fairhaven Christian Academy