When donors provide an outright gift to the Academy, their contribution is put to work immediately, either providing funding for current programs or areas, or creating a reliable source of future income by expanding the endowment. An outright gift may be composed of almost any asset of value: Cash gifts are the simplest and easiest gifts to make—using outright cash, personal checks, cashiers checks, credit card transactions, money orders, or wire transfers. All cash gifts are to be made payable to “Fairhaven Christian Academy”.

Personal property gifts enable donors to make a significant gift to support the Academy in exchange for possible tax benefits. Such items could include rare books, works of art, valuable collectibles and tangible items of demonstrable value.

A gift to Fairhaven Christian Academy bolsters the excellence of FCA’s outstanding programs, experiences, and traditions. Our instructors, counselors, students and campus make Fairhaven Christian Academy an exceptional place to receive an education.