The Bible should be the foundation of all education, and we believe our five-year-old program is a very important beginning to your child’s learning. From Bible instruction, academics, and art to play time, your child will receive the very best instruction. Learning in our well-structured and disciplined environment will help your child to grow both academically and spiritually. Our goal is to lay a good, firm foundation upon which all of his education will be built.

The kindergartner is in the most impressionable stage of their lives. The teacher is responsible for molding the lives of these children who are so easily excited, yet easily swayed by an idea. She has to give the children an understanding of right and wrong. It is her responsibility to teach them to read, to write, and to be able to speak with intelligence and tact.

Children that are not taught correctly at the beginning struggle their whole lives in school. Many previous public school children will agree that the kids that have the most trouble in the public school system are the children that were not taught correctly in their primary years of school.