The God of heaven loves music, and while there are many forms of music in the world, the Bible specifically tells which music God loves. The Lord is honored by those who play their instruments to the best of their ability and the Bible commands people to make a joyful noise to Him. Piano is the medium with which many students choose to glorify God; and when taught from an early age, a student can easily excel in this area with practice.

At Fairhaven Christian Academy, piano lessons are available as early as first grade. Students have a thirty-minute lesson once a week, practicing the basics of technique and theory. The teaching method at Fairhaven is strictly progressive: students only advance when the lesson is completed. Mrs. Sharon Edwards, the academy piano teacher, has a Masters Degree in Music and is well qualified to teach each student.

The goal is for students to be able to play skillfully to the glory of God in church or for various ministries. For years now, hundreds of students have gone out to do just that.

Fairhaven Baptist Academy piano