Fairhaven Christian Academy is dedicated to ensuring that your elementary student receives the very best education possible, an education founded upon a Biblical worldview. Throughout the course of his elementary education, your child will be taught to uphold a high academic and moral standard. The teachers promote morality in the classroom by using every opportunity to teach the students right from wrong.

Fairhaven Christian Academy has much to offer your elementary student. A traditional classroom setting provides a structured and disciplined atmosphere that greatly increases learning opportunities. Your child will be challenged academically in and out of the classroom. The competitive attitude encouraged among the students aids the learning process as students seek to do their best to be at the top of the class. Students receive a well-rounded education in English, math, science, history, reading, art, spelling, and physical education. He will pass the sixth grade ready to meet the new challenges of middle school.

The teachers and staff at Fairhaven Christian Academy work with parents to ensure that students’ needs are met and that your child is progressing in his studies. Every teacher has a sincere desire to make an eternal difference in your child’s life, and they are dedicated to aiding you in your quest to bring up your child “…in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”