Junior Band (High School): Our high school band program is open to all students, and is divided into two levels of difficulty to ensure that each student is able to perform at his capability level. Junior band is open for all students in 7th-12th grade. Band class opens with scales and other exercises to help the students improve in their musical skills. Selections are practiced throughout the school year with variations in style and difficulty to help the students grow and stretch their abilities with their instruments.

Senior Band (High School): Senior band is an excellent opportunity for high school students who are more advanced in their instruments and would like an extra challenge. Band class opens with scales and other exercises in conjunction with Junior band. The second half of the class time is spent on more challenging exercises and musical selections. Students are encouraged weekly to participate in extra-curricular music activities to enhance their learning experience. Senior band gets the chance to perform several times during the school year. Their music is enjoyed during our quarterly Parent Teacher Fellowships and at the Commencement Exercises in May. They also put on special concerts for area nursing homes and assisted living facilities.