The history of Fairhaven Christian Academy is rooted in the history of Fairhaven Baptist Church. Pastor Roger Voegtlin founded Fairhaven Baptist Church in October of 1970 with fourteen people attending the first service. After struggling through the first year, the church blossomed into one of America’s fastest growing ministries. At four years old, the church was running 500 in attendance, had beautiful new facilities including a 500 seat auditorium, 40 acres of land, and the academy had over 350 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. It was at this time that Pastor Voegtlin and Fairhaven Baptist Church began to battle the government over rights to train children for God. Over $100,000 was spent for the fight, but God blessed. There was great victory and the church was nationally acclaimed for its stand. By its 8th anniversary, Fairhaven Baptist Church was recognized as America’s largest and fastest growing young church.

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Fairhaven Christian Academy was founded in 1972 as an educational option for the parents of Northwest Indiana. The members of Fairhaven saw the need for an alternative to the progressive educational ideas and humanistic philosophy that was being taught in public educational institutions. Fairhaven Christian Academy makes no apology for a distinctive Christian education.

From the outset, the academy has maintained certain distinctives; among these are character, discipline, appreciation for the arts, respect for oneself and respect for authority.

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